About me

Gabriela Papuzińska

My dream is to accompany people on the journey to Self-Leadership.

How it all begun…

The experience of an international and multicultural school (https://lfv.pl/fr/page-daccueil/) coupled with curiosity for cultural diversity and longing for the values I found in Buddhism, attracted me to Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw, and took me for a yearly scholarship to Nara, Japan.

As MA, I became an interpreter. Interpreting for 16 years in multiple settings (mostly Japanese automotive industry) on the meeting point between the Japanese, English and Polish culture, I had an ideal observation point on the ebb and flow of communication and the traps people fall into. I heard and saw the disappointment of being misunderstood, the pain of not being heard, the harm miscommunication can do, and the painstaking efforts people go to, to convey their thoughts while remaining prisoners of their unique point of view which often prevents them from seeing others.

Meanwhile I was struggling at home with my teenaged daughter. She was my ultimate motivator in the search for better means of communication.

2017, feeling the urge to learn how to better support people in expressing themselves and getting through to others, in 2017 I started studying Nonviolent Communication with various teachers (Anna Mills http://www.akademianvc.pl/, Joanna Berendt https://nvclab.pl/, Miki Kashtan https://thefearlessheart.org/ Ike Lasater https://ikelasater.com/). It gave me the clarity of my needs and feelings, and a deeply satisfying experience of connection with others at a completely new level. Becoming a mediator helped me engage and guide people through conflicts as an opportunity for growth and reconnection. Convergent Facilitation taught me how to facilitate group decisions in an effective and efficient way, while building trust along the way. 

While deepening my NVC studies and stepping onto and NVC certification process with Shona Cameron (https://shonacameron.com/) I keep studying neurobiology and resonant language with Sarah Payton (https://sarahpeyton.com/). In July 2021 I have been certified as a Resonant Healing Practitioner. I am currently taking part in the Resonant Healing Practitioner Certification Course as an assistant.

I have also completed the 2020-2021 Need Based Coaching Course by Pernille Plantener (https://www.not-knowing-leadership.com/en/coach-pernille-plantener/), who joins NVC with IFS. I really enjoy coaching infused with warmth and fully integrated with the values of Nonviolent Communication.

IFS enchanted me with the concept of Self, indestructible and common to everyone throughout humankind and the trust in it’s healing power.
I first discovered IFS through Agnieszka Pietlicka (https://miejsce-ludzi.com/agnieszka-pietlicka) and Michal Pasterski (https://lifearchitect.pl/terapia-ifs/). I started regular pear-to-pear session work.
I completed a Level 1 (Ossi Arbel http://www.arbels.net/) in December 2020 and a Level 2 with Mary Kruger in May 2021. Serving as a Program Assistant in international and Polish L1 trainings, I integrate my learning and grow my skills while enjoying the spirit of the PA community.

I had the joy to take part in the translation of Jay Earley’s “Resolvig Inner Conflict” into Polish.

I am a registered IFS Practitioner.

My hobbies are hiking and trail riding in the polish mountains.