Internal Family System

The Internal Family System is an innovative and evidence based model allowing deep and lasting healing.

IFS posits that our mind is naturally multiple and it is a good thing.

Our human mind is composed of a central unalienable, core element called Self – an internal healing power and Parts – complete subpersonalities that hold precious qualities. They are necessary for us to be moving through life. Parts are like channels through which we experience life and interact with the world.

IFS is a systemic approach acknowledging that internal change impacts the external systems just as change in the environment impacts our internal organization.

The IFS therapeutic model positions the client at the center of the healing process. The therapist assumes the role of facilitator between the healing energy of Self and the clients Parts.

IFS is a theory of personality, a therapeutic model and a lifestyle. IFS can be integrated at multiple levels. Therapeutic sessions, learning, autotherapy, IFS practice complete each-other enhancing access to Self energy, and a self-lead lifestyle.

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